Naomh Brid v Burt

Naomh Brid Team:

1. Pauric Mc Daid (0-1f)
2. Jamie Timoney
3. Clint Walsh
4. Gary Mc Cafferty
5. Shane Timoney
6. Ross Gallagher (0-1)
7. Sam Burgess
8. Tommy Gallagher
9. Dermot Langan
10. Calum Gallagher
11. Shane Walsh (0-2f)
12. Darragh Brogan
13. Owen Harron
14. Declan Mc Cafferty (0-1)
15. David Walsh (0-2f)

Subs: John Mc Nulty for Sam Burgess (black Card) and Donal Martin for Shane Timoney.

Final Score:
Naomh Brid 0-7, Burt 0-8

Game got off to a slow start today in Pairc Naomh Brid with the opening score coming 8minutes into the game for Burt. This saw Burt on a roll as they knocked 4 points over the bar and Naomh Brid failing to get any score on the board until the 27th minute from a free taken by the goalkeeper, Pauric Mc Daid. When the half time whistle was blown the scoreboard read Naomh Brid 0-1 Burt 0-6. In the second half Naomh Brid gathered a momentum and kicked several lovely scores over the bar from David Walsh, Shane Walsh, Ross Gallagher and Declan Mc Cafferty. Their half time talk must have made them pull their socks up!!! it seemed like a draw was within their reach but Naomh Brid failed to get that vital point and unfortunately the final whistle saw Naomh Brid 0-7 Burt 0-8.

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