Q&A with Eireann Mc Grory U8s

Questions and Answers!
Éireann Mc Grory

Team/s you play for? N.Bríd U8’s

Position you play? I normally play a defender

What are your strengths as a player? Points

What are your weaknesses as a player? Nothing

What is your favourite ground to play at? N.Bríd

What is the worst pitch to play on? Ballyshannon pitch

Who is the best player you’ve played with? Everyone

Who is the toughest opponent you’ve played against? Na Rossa

Who is the best trainer/s in your team? Noel Molloy

What u like most about training sessions? Kick passing

What u dislike about training sessions? Don’t like it finishing

What is the best or worst quote you’ve heard, either from a manager, player or opponent? All the managers say “Very Good”

Player/s to watch from other teams in the club? Aaron McGrory

Best memory playing with Naomh Bríd? My first game in dunkineely

A game you’d rather forget? The Na Rossa Game

Favourite Naomh Bríd senior player? Declan McCafferty

Favourite Donegal GAA player? Neil McGee

Most memorable GAA game you’ve seen? Donegal game in Derry

Favourite brand of GAA gear (boots, gloves)? Nike

Hopes for the future? That I could play county

What are you doing to pass the time during Covid 19 crisis? Playing outside

Best thing about been part of the GAA? A team

Where would u like to see Naomh Bríd Club in 2030?on the tv winning trophies